Message Minder (Fógralla)

Device for recording and playing back an audio message when movement is detected.

The device is also equipped with a PIR sensor that detects movement. This triggers the message to be played, as well as activating a very strong white light (LED). Ideal for hallways and other dark spots at night.

Note that the price is excluding VAT. The prevailing VAT rate is 23% in Ireland.

Further information

Features include:

  • An audio message of at least 10 seconds can be recorded using a specific button sequence
  • Activated by front mounted PIR sensor. When someone passes by, the message is played
  • Also activated by movement. Can be located on back of door (This feature can be optionally deactivated, if required)
  • Has 3.5m audio socket, for connection to separately powered speaker
  • Operates on three AA batteries (included). Can also operate on power supply (not included)
  • Dimensions are 12xm x 8cm x 3cm. Comes with mounting bracket that can be inserted at back or underneath


  • Can be used to inform shop patrons of a special offer
  • Or to remind employees or visitors to wash their hands
  • To leave messages in the home
  • and much much more!
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  • €66.50 / Unit